Da Monsta (Prod. 10k)

from by Mawthra

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[Verse 1]

our shit ain't good enough they want that shit
buddy I ain't give a fuck I'm passed it
motherfucker I ain't nuts I'm batshit
as long as i got my tongue I ain't lackin

Mawthra I'm the monsta
gotta hundred motherfuckers that'll leave you fucked proper
been around the block and I see you want dollar
but you ain't gotta thing it take to be a shot caller

my sound gettin cold I spit this igloo
I'm down with the ghosts but this shit is rude
so out with the old and in with the new
we drown in the gold and get revenue

Boomslang bitch cant hang with the snakes
Sin7ven said it first you get fangs in your face
put a bang in the wav. leave you layin in a grave
the sound of our shouts shit rang through the place

In the projects, bitch no there ain't no progress
god rest the souls of of those concepts
most of these hoes they show with no context
but I'm flowin gold there's no contest

these fags they fuckin cashin out and they
actin proud but I'mma end up smackin down em
I'm rappin louder till i end up passin out and
when I'm out it end it with platinum album

one day I'mma look back at this
wonder how in the fuck that I rapped this shit
but right now I'mma focus on on the pad and pen
and show you pussy motherfuckers what talent is

I'm down with it I'm down with dis and down with sin
ain't no fuckin way im puttin down the pen
grew up around the bend at the southern end
aint no fuckin way im goin to that town again

I ain't best but I jest digestible
I don't stress the mess unless tested
skeptical blessed with hella dope
extra flexible, exoskeletal testicles

where the chemicals, I need a hit bitch
this is just a double rhyme I dont give a shit bitch
i don't write multi rhymes everytime I spit bitch
call me a hypocrite i dont give a fuck

but let me put these faggots on blast
who latchin on past shit lackin all passion
stackin on cash and rappin all whack yet
faction all massive shat is offensive

lemme summarize I ain't want to monetize
half you motherfuckers wouldn't drop bars otherwise
droppin the coffin on top of em often
im mawthra the monsta the monarch gutterfly

I cant stand that panty assed rabid fan he has
havin candy ass rapper
somebody hand his scanty ass actin manly ass
prancin pansy ass pampers

wew I'm a motherfuckin' beast bitch
never been a meek bitch never been a sneak bitch
never met a freak bitch who didnt wanna be with
aint never bringin weak shit aint never been a secret

see lads i be mad i see past your sweet ass
i react and beat ass and leave that no rematch
so be glad and relax and retract your d raps
the thing that I need last is feedback from these fags


from MAWTHRA, released March 25, 2016



all rights reserved


Mawthra Seattle, Washington

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