Day Dreamin' (Prod. Felly)

from by Mawthra



[Verse 1]

sun's comin up and for the first time
lucks up enough spit a dirt rhyme
bums runnin up when they heard mine
but they fucked it up when they swerve by

sorry bout the frown misplacement i dont mean to sound complacent
baby i dont worry bout my pounds or when and how i'll make it
maybe Im more worried bout my vowel placement sounding basic
blaze and raze the station to the pavement when im salivatin

salutations greetings from the mothman
god damn got em eatin from the palm man
beatin with my off hand and even on the off chance
they readin from the doc man i dont see the problem

you the problem but you cant see
you rap cheap and you act like it cant be
the fact be you been writing trash for the past week
ask me bitch wipe my ass with your rap sheet

[Verse 2]

active, lookin on the past to reflect
on the path to correct sip a glass of regret
im a passive aggressive, passion obsessive
faggot, hittin on my last cigarette

birds of feather stringin words together
we dont burn the letter just earn the treasure
we yearn for pleasure even when it hurts the leisure
cuz aint nobody ever fuckin learned us better

you know i hate this game and the way it works
but you know im gonna have to play 'fore i lay in dirt
waitin for the day i make it rain when i say a verse
that's the day I break away and save they who say absurd

still im impoverished imma sit here and polish
my mutherfuckin craft till my sin is abolished
never finishin college use my skill and my knowledge
imma keep on fuckin writin till this pen is demolished


from MAWTHRA, released March 25, 2016



all rights reserved


Mawthra Seattle, Washington

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