Metamorph (Prod. Edan)

from by Mawthra



[Verse 1]

wake up in the morning cut open a cat carcass
ill open up the farm and and let all of my ants scarf it
i cant go a day without callin these fags garbage
im takin pot shots at all of these damn targets

darn it forgot leave the meat boneless
feed the fleet roaches breed the sweet locust
any slow dope that hope to oppose it
know the slope soaped and so its so hopeless

stare into my closet its so desolate
careful of the cobwebs them so delicate
wanna see it sure you know pass those skeletons
see the jorogumo dance so elegant

excellent my pet sheds exoskeletons
hella bent and my dead tone resonant
head so elephant i read no testament
a set stone pessimist i set no precedence

step on them bees boy what the hell do you mean
you get a hell of a sting cuz them my relatives g
i got those decorative wings and so im definitely
in heaven smokin seven consecutive mescaline trees

homie im a monster my bones on the surface
and only if i prosper these hoes'll wanna hurt this
cozy at a concert this flow has got a purpose
in person im nervous and so the trauma worsens

prefer my lovin colony to human camaraderie
made a meal from a crusher comin on to me
dont try to to fuckin talk to me do try to run up on to me
just mumble methodically at the mutherfuckin thought of me

[Verse 2]

i write to defy you who blind to
the white truth defined new and signed too
i rise through the sky blue despite you
and fine tune these fine tunes to spite you

Im just kidding i dont rap the deep shit
the fact it be this i rap to please kids
gee whiz fuck whatever rap should be bitch
my sound is sleek shit now pass the weed kid

to get benefit willin to get villainous
bitch feminine kill em and get infamous
if no one is innocent then guilt is a sentiment
im built with the venomous pen of the centipids

Still in my prime and shit I feel its a crime
to spit on a dime without a multi syllabic rhyme
you lonely villainous swine im poultry killin this time
cuz all you cheesy chicken bitches slowly killin my vibe

for petes sake my g i cant see straight
please b at least ween me a sweet teat taste
I Believe i leaved a beast bleedin
bring the beat please and leave the cheap cheesecake

risk gettin offed kid its best you forfeit
my best shit is chronic the rest is morbid
i spit venom toxin and metamorphosis
and piss in the coffin i rest your corpses in

never get an invite in even if i spit tight
and even if the kids like it you can see the bitch lyin
even if she inclined to give me a quick write it
you can see me dick riding when you seein pigs flyin


from MAWTHRA, released March 25, 2016



all rights reserved


Mawthra Seattle, Washington

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