Bedbugs feat. Sin7ven (Prod. Disjointed)

from by Mawthra



[Verse 1 - Mawthra]

I write tight
like the cord that binds Issac im lord of the flies kid
the more that i rhyme sick the colder the mic gets
I like this, the sword that i rhyme with
born with a virus so whore I'mma die sick

is it a mystery why spittin isnt shit to me?
i pistol whip this bitch and leave him bitten by the centipedes
ugh bitches cling to history
they say they've vivid memory but i remember differently

A monster with claws of a savage beast
I'm past the brink so run from my rabid teeth
they after me but every other rapper weak
why would a wolf give a fuck what a rabbit thinks?

i dont need a fan to blow my erection
i dont need a clan of bros eject yes-men
nobody better tread on my shoes expect dead fans
nobody better rest on my crew except deadman

[Verse 2 - Sin7ven]

It ain't easy to find a kindred spirit among these human souls
I think in lyrics and bunk in studios, the kids love my spooky flows
To any tough guys who're online
I’m sorry, Kendrick isn't in my top five of all time

I spit accompanied by archangels’ holy cries of help
And hit God with hard straights below the bible belt
I’m jigsaw, your key to success is down that wishing well
Matchmaking ferryman, the reaper doesn’t kiss and tell

Hoes avoid him like dementors under mistletoes
Your sister knows the lyrics to my every fricking single though
Tomes of dense descriptions sitting on my hard drive
Don’t get it twisted, you might walk by cross eyed

And look ridiculous, not that you don’t do know
You could be performing to mormons and still get booed out
Dude sound corny, were you born in a barn?
It’s only fitting that’ll I dump your foul corpse at a farm

[Verse 3 - Mawthra]

dead thugs in the streets bed bugs in the sheets
dont fuck with my team we tough in the teeth
redrumin the beat, these busters asleep
Best fuckin believe we runnin the keep

aint goin home till im loaded
so rich bro im a elopin with a broke bitch
hit you cimicosis shit'll get your throat ripped
dependin on how broken and frozen the fuckin the flow gets oh shit

when grabbin the pen and paper traumatic insemination
these faggots still chasin the past cant handle the innovation
im rappin to kill the game i laugh but i feel the pain
of rap's sad backpacked fractured and patterned remains

boomslang when i rap I be reppin it
blastin the weapon if you rats disrespectin it
you fags better rest on it and ask what the lesson is
cuz boomslang academy's class is in session kids


from MAWTHRA, released March 25, 2016



all rights reserved


Mawthra Seattle, Washington

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