by Mawthra

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Dusk Grapeu
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Dusk Grapeu Because there's never enough Mawth. Favorite track: Fire Squad Remix feat. Disjointed (Prod. J. Cole).
Alex Grates
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Alex Grates What i think about it. . The short version to the review so you dont have to watch my crappy video is that i fucking loved this mix tape. I highly recommended it. And if i did give it a rating it would be a solid 9/10. I cant wait to see what you do next and when you do come out with something else i will be there day one. Buying it.. Favorite track: Bedbugs feat. Sin7ven (Prod. Disjointed).
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L Lovin that boomslang crew Favorite track: Dead Dogs (Prod. Necro).
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(free) 03:19


Ahh not bad...

I've been workin' on this mixtape since before I was even invited to join Boomslang Crew and I have to say, it's been an honor working with those guys this past year. Without them I would not be the lyricist I am today. They've helped shape me into something I never thought I could be.

All knob slobbering aside, I've made this project "pay-what-you-want" so feel free to download that shit for free, but if you feel inclined and have some extra cash layin' around, please consider throwin' it my way because I seriously need a new microphone. The one I used to record this tape is extraordinarily bad considering my recording environment. It makes mixing a nightmare, and even after mixing the ultimate quality is nowhere near a professional level. Disjointed is an incredible mix engineer but even he can only polish a turd so much.

Many thanks to any of you who consider yourselves fans of my music. It's such a great feeling to know that there are actually people out there who enjoy this crap that I make.

UPDATE: Thank you to all who purchased this project, I really appreciate it. I just ordered the new microphone so to any newcomers don't feel pressured into spending money on this.

~ Mawthra 怪獣


released March 25, 2016

Big ups to Sin7ven and Disjointed for the amazing features.

Mixed & Mastered by Disjointed



all rights reserved


Mawthra Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: Da Monsta (Prod. 10k)
[Verse 1]

our shit ain't good enough they want that shit
buddy I ain't give a fuck I'm passed it
motherfucker I ain't nuts I'm batshit
as long as i got my tongue I ain't lackin

Mawthra I'm the monsta
gotta hundred motherfuckers that'll leave you fucked proper
been around the block and I see you want dollar
but you ain't gotta thing it take to be a shot caller

my sound gettin cold I spit this igloo
I'm down with the ghosts but this shit is rude
so out with the old and in with the new
we drown in the gold and get revenue

Boomslang bitch cant hang with the snakes
Sin7ven said it first you get fangs in your face
put a bang in the wav. leave you layin in a grave
the sound of our shouts shit rang through the place

In the projects, bitch no there ain't no progress
god rest the souls of of those concepts
most of these hoes they show with no context
but I'm flowin gold there's no contest

these fags they fuckin cashin out and they
actin proud but I'mma end up smackin down em
I'm rappin louder till i end up passin out and
when I'm out it end it with platinum album

one day I'mma look back at this
wonder how in the fuck that I rapped this shit
but right now I'mma focus on on the pad and pen
and show you pussy motherfuckers what talent is

I'm down with it I'm down with dis and down with sin
ain't no fuckin way im puttin down the pen
grew up around the bend at the southern end
aint no fuckin way im goin to that town again

I ain't best but I jest digestible
I don't stress the mess unless tested
skeptical blessed with hella dope
extra flexible, exoskeletal testicles

where the chemicals, I need a hit bitch
this is just a double rhyme I dont give a shit bitch
i don't write multi rhymes everytime I spit bitch
call me a hypocrite i dont give a fuck

but let me put these faggots on blast
who latchin on past shit lackin all passion
stackin on cash and rappin all whack yet
faction all massive shat is offensive

lemme summarize I ain't want to monetize
half you motherfuckers wouldn't drop bars otherwise
droppin the coffin on top of em often
im mawthra the monsta the monarch gutterfly

I cant stand that panty assed rabid fan he has
havin candy ass rapper
somebody hand his scanty ass actin manly ass
prancin pansy ass pampers

wew I'm a motherfuckin' beast bitch
never been a meek bitch never been a sneak bitch
never met a freak bitch who didnt wanna be with
aint never bringin weak shit aint never been a secret

see lads i be mad i see past your sweet ass
i react and beat ass and leave that no rematch
so be glad and relax and retract your d raps
the thing that I need last is feedback from these fags
Track Name: Metamorph (Prod. Edan)
[Verse 1]

wake up in the morning cut open a cat carcass
ill open up the farm and and let all of my ants scarf it
i cant go a day without callin these fags garbage
im takin pot shots at all of these damn targets

darn it forgot leave the meat boneless
feed the fleet roaches breed the sweet locust
any slow dope that hope to oppose it
know the slope soaped and so its so hopeless

stare into my closet its so desolate
careful of the cobwebs them so delicate
wanna see it sure you know pass those skeletons
see the jorogumo dance so elegant

excellent my pet sheds exoskeletons
hella bent and my dead tone resonant
head so elephant i read no testament
a set stone pessimist i set no precedence

step on them bees boy what the hell do you mean
you get a hell of a sting cuz them my relatives g
i got those decorative wings and so im definitely
in heaven smokin seven consecutive mescaline trees

homie im a monster my bones on the surface
and only if i prosper these hoes'll wanna hurt this
cozy at a concert this flow has got a purpose
in person im nervous and so the trauma worsens

prefer my lovin colony to human camaraderie
made a meal from a crusher comin on to me
dont try to to fuckin talk to me do try to run up on to me
just mumble methodically at the mutherfuckin thought of me

[Verse 2]

i write to defy you who blind to
the white truth defined new and signed too
i rise through the sky blue despite you
and fine tune these fine tunes to spite you

Im just kidding i dont rap the deep shit
the fact it be this i rap to please kids
gee whiz fuck whatever rap should be bitch
my sound is sleek shit now pass the weed kid

to get benefit willin to get villainous
bitch feminine kill em and get infamous
if no one is innocent then guilt is a sentiment
im built with the venomous pen of the centipids

Still in my prime and shit I feel its a crime
to spit on a dime without a multi syllabic rhyme
you lonely villainous swine im poultry killin this time
cuz all you cheesy chicken bitches slowly killin my vibe

for petes sake my g i cant see straight
please b at least ween me a sweet teat taste
I Believe i leaved a beast bleedin
bring the beat please and leave the cheap cheesecake

risk gettin offed kid its best you forfeit
my best shit is chronic the rest is morbid
i spit venom toxin and metamorphosis
and piss in the coffin i rest your corpses in

never get an invite in even if i spit tight
and even if the kids like it you can see the bitch lyin
even if she inclined to give me a quick write it
you can see me dick riding when you seein pigs flyin
Track Name: Dead Dogs (Prod. Necro)
[Verse 1]

born to a black widow raised by wolf spiders
and sent to cleanse a whack world plagued by stool rhymers
a cool writer and i bend the rules wider
to make room for my massive tool I'mma

six legged parasite my mix-tape a terabyte
spit flamin Fahrenheit a bitch rapin every night
a piss taken every time a kid takes a stare at my
spit laden terror rhymes he then layin terrified

i spit hot shit'd melt a glacier
i shit not i would kill my maker
done swung so hard im not a pistol waver
got a tongue so sharp its got a distal taper

given oldschool rappers a pass when they rappin is ass
need face the fuckin matter of fact
you got your head so fuckin far up the ass of the past
you mutherfuckers cant stand to give new rappers a chance


let em lie let the dead dogs die
let em lie let em die let the dead dogs die
dead dogs lied guess i read wrong writin
let dogs die in the bed dogs lied in

with the same breath i praise rap i rape rap
and break bread with same fags that hate rap
so raise gats and take back this game fast
we'll stay mad and make rap that aint bad

[verse 2]

my hand writes pen drippin with liquor
i cant stand my shit list gets bigger
hipster win' lickers get the big picture
rap never dies the shit just gets sicker

i salivate and make rap amusing
and aggravate my brain map improving
you fallacate and stay back perusing
to validate your whack taste in music

i made it clear you must've misunderstood
but now i got you sittin here so listen and look
cuz we were down river while they pissed in the brook
you couldnt teach a dead dog the oldest trick in the book


let em lie let the dead dogs die
let em lie let em die let the dead dogs die
dead dogs lied guess i read wrong writin
let dogs die in the bed dogs lied in

[Verse 3]

you see the past with rose coloured glasses
i see past the faux cultured trash and
flow over that growth covered path
no gold in that no goin back no holdin back

I'm focused, composed I'm golden
loathsome boast though a showman show no emotion
brook no devotion slow gross corrosion
so loco-mote so hold close the moment

prayin please god these fake fuckin faggots
lay with these dogs they'll wake up with maggots
take up the matches make somethin happen
playin these songs you'll wake up the dragon

yell at everybody in the set walk by
im tellin everybody let the dead dogs die
aint sellin anybody what they head dont buy
let the dead dogs die when a pet hog flies
Track Name: Fire Squad Remix feat. Disjointed (Prod. J. Cole)

Homie what the hell you screamin for
are you sick of bein poor sick of sleepin on the floor
the world in which we live is wicked twisted to the core
when a wolf gotta run when a pig is at the door

[Verse 1 - Mawthra]

aint no way around it every afterthought i spit is raw
liftin off hear my fuckin laughter when you get it wrong
blank page listin every rapper that im rippin off
pissin on the grave of every rapper that im pissin off

listen dawg i ain't rappin cuz my faction is
and i dont rap to cash it in im passively attractin it
and i dont rap to flash my massive dick you better fasten it
i rap to show you mutherfuckin faggots where my passion is

im the illest mutherfucker ever writ a verse
I was gettin word before you other fucker's shit occurred
gettin work shit it hurt better fuckin get a hearse
ill be in the dirt before i ever come and sit in church

*ho* bitch I aim for wealth
i aint compelled to wait till my fame is swelled
and tell belial to save me a place in hell
he cant give me anything i cant take myself

[Verse 2 - Disjointed]

my forelegs are longer than arachnids’
fuck god, I built my shrine for jaraxxus
leave your carcass wrapped in plastic
caskets, drop you off at davey jone’s laundry basket

a cranky freak, born with the heart of tiger
so everyone to me is fancy feast
snake tongue, spit venom
watch the jaw unhinge at the scent of a bitch, get ‘em

willickers, bruv I’m slicker than fingering sluts
bars are so new, catch me smoking silica dust
caught pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis
so really I’m fucked

I take the piss like R. Kelly fans
my bars heavy fam, I turn stomachs and broads belly dance
step to me with a pump action when your face is false?
and I’ll take your slugs with a grain of salt


Nigga why you actin' like a ho?
Know that I'ma ride for ya, either way it go
Tell me, girl why you be stressin' me for time?
When you tell me you love me, can't you see I'm tryna climb?
Damn my nigga why you actin' like a bitch?
If you scared to take a chance, how the fuck we gon' get rich?
Come here baby why you always insecure?
Hold on tight to a nigga and be sure

[Verse 3 - Mawthra]

We tight dont sleep right with dogmatics
we might see light with flea bites in our mattress
rock back and forth draw my scabbard forth and
pop the latch and draw my saliv' sword

that's allegory pass the forty
half the rap out half these faggots gaps is corny
as for me i'd rather blast my mask with gas
than hear another rapper grasp for glory

aint nobody feel it cuz i rap dark my humor leper
everybody bitchin bout the black artists losin leverage
everybody bitch about the pale rappers movin cheddar
never givin credit to the crackers that do do it better

so fuck em and fuck mack and fuck iggy
fuck ken and fuck pac and fuck biggie
all these rappers i reject, ball heavy fuck with me
only rappers i respect already run with me
Track Name: Day Dreamin' (Prod. Felly)
[Verse 1]

sun's comin up and for the first time
lucks up enough spit a dirt rhyme
bums runnin up when they heard mine
but they fucked it up when they swerve by

sorry bout the frown misplacement i dont mean to sound complacent
baby i dont worry bout my pounds or when and how i'll make it
maybe Im more worried bout my vowel placement sounding basic
blaze and raze the station to the pavement when im salivatin

salutations greetings from the mothman
god damn got em eatin from the palm man
beatin with my off hand and even on the off chance
they readin from the doc man i dont see the problem

you the problem but you cant see
you rap cheap and you act like it cant be
the fact be you been writing trash for the past week
ask me bitch wipe my ass with your rap sheet

[Verse 2]

active, lookin on the past to reflect
on the path to correct sip a glass of regret
im a passive aggressive, passion obsessive
faggot, hittin on my last cigarette

birds of feather stringin words together
we dont burn the letter just earn the treasure
we yearn for pleasure even when it hurts the leisure
cuz aint nobody ever fuckin learned us better

you know i hate this game and the way it works
but you know im gonna have to play 'fore i lay in dirt
waitin for the day i make it rain when i say a verse
that's the day I break away and save they who say absurd

still im impoverished imma sit here and polish
my mutherfuckin craft till my sin is abolished
never finishin college use my skill and my knowledge
imma keep on fuckin writin till this pen is demolished
Track Name: Bedbugs feat. Sin7ven (Prod. Disjointed)
[Verse 1 - Mawthra]

I write tight
like the cord that binds Issac im lord of the flies kid
the more that i rhyme sick the colder the mic gets
I like this, the sword that i rhyme with
born with a virus so whore I'mma die sick

is it a mystery why spittin isnt shit to me?
i pistol whip this bitch and leave him bitten by the centipedes
ugh bitches cling to history
they say they've vivid memory but i remember differently

A monster with claws of a savage beast
I'm past the brink so run from my rabid teeth
they after me but every other rapper weak
why would a wolf give a fuck what a rabbit thinks?

i dont need a fan to blow my erection
i dont need a clan of bros eject yes-men
nobody better tread on my shoes expect dead fans
nobody better rest on my crew except deadman

[Verse 2 - Sin7ven]

It ain't easy to find a kindred spirit among these human souls
I think in lyrics and bunk in studios, the kids love my spooky flows
To any tough guys who're online
I’m sorry, Kendrick isn't in my top five of all time

I spit accompanied by archangels’ holy cries of help
And hit God with hard straights below the bible belt
I’m jigsaw, your key to success is down that wishing well
Matchmaking ferryman, the reaper doesn’t kiss and tell

Hoes avoid him like dementors under mistletoes
Your sister knows the lyrics to my every fricking single though
Tomes of dense descriptions sitting on my hard drive
Don’t get it twisted, you might walk by cross eyed

And look ridiculous, not that you don’t do know
You could be performing to mormons and still get booed out
Dude sound corny, were you born in a barn?
It’s only fitting that’ll I dump your foul corpse at a farm

[Verse 3 - Mawthra]

dead thugs in the streets bed bugs in the sheets
dont fuck with my team we tough in the teeth
redrumin the beat, these busters asleep
Best fuckin believe we runnin the keep

aint goin home till im loaded
so rich bro im a elopin with a broke bitch
hit you cimicosis shit'll get your throat ripped
dependin on how broken and frozen the fuckin the flow gets oh shit

when grabbin the pen and paper traumatic insemination
these faggots still chasin the past cant handle the innovation
im rappin to kill the game i laugh but i feel the pain
of rap's sad backpacked fractured and patterned remains

boomslang when i rap I be reppin it
blastin the weapon if you rats disrespectin it
you fags better rest on it and ask what the lesson is
cuz boomslang academy's class is in session kids