Fire Squad Remix feat. Disjointed (Prod. J. Cole)

from by Mawthra

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Homie what the hell you screamin for
are you sick of bein poor sick of sleepin on the floor
the world in which we live is wicked twisted to the core
when a wolf gotta run when a pig is at the door

[Verse 1 - Mawthra]

aint no way around it every afterthought i spit is raw
liftin off hear my fuckin laughter when you get it wrong
blank page listin every rapper that im rippin off
pissin on the grave of every rapper that im pissin off

listen dawg i ain't rappin cuz my faction is
and i dont rap to cash it in im passively attractin it
and i dont rap to flash my massive dick you better fasten it
i rap to show you mutherfuckin faggots where my passion is

im the illest mutherfucker ever writ a verse
I was gettin word before you other fucker's shit occurred
gettin work shit it hurt better fuckin get a hearse
ill be in the dirt before i ever come and sit in church

*ho* bitch I aim for wealth
i aint compelled to wait till my fame is swelled
and tell belial to save me a place in hell
he cant give me anything i cant take myself

[Verse 2 - Disjointed]

my forelegs are longer than arachnids’
fuck god, I built my shrine for jaraxxus
leave your carcass wrapped in plastic
caskets, drop you off at davey jone’s laundry basket

a cranky freak, born with the heart of tiger
so everyone to me is fancy feast
snake tongue, spit venom
watch the jaw unhinge at the scent of a bitch, get ‘em

willickers, bruv I’m slicker than fingering sluts
bars are so new, catch me smoking silica dust
caught pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis
so really I’m fucked

I take the piss like R. Kelly fans
my bars heavy fam, I turn stomachs and broads belly dance
step to me with a pump action when your face is false?
and I’ll take your slugs with a grain of salt


Nigga why you actin' like a ho?
Know that I'ma ride for ya, either way it go
Tell me, girl why you be stressin' me for time?
When you tell me you love me, can't you see I'm tryna climb?
Damn my nigga why you actin' like a bitch?
If you scared to take a chance, how the fuck we gon' get rich?
Come here baby why you always insecure?
Hold on tight to a nigga and be sure

[Verse 3 - Mawthra]

We tight dont sleep right with dogmatics
we might see light with flea bites in our mattress
rock back and forth draw my scabbard forth and
pop the latch and draw my saliv' sword

that's allegory pass the forty
half the rap out half these faggots gaps is corny
as for me i'd rather blast my mask with gas
than hear another rapper grasp for glory

aint nobody feel it cuz i rap dark my humor leper
everybody bitchin bout the black artists losin leverage
everybody bitch about the pale rappers movin cheddar
never givin credit to the crackers that do do it better

so fuck em and fuck mack and fuck iggy
fuck ken and fuck pac and fuck biggie
all these rappers i reject, ball heavy fuck with me
only rappers i respect already run with me


from MAWTHRA, released March 25, 2016



all rights reserved


Mawthra Seattle, Washington

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